Comic for Thursday, Feb 4, 2010


Posted February 4, 2010 at 1:00 am
TITLE: Trying Too Hard To Realize The Camera's Stll Rolling

This comic answers three questions that had been asked that I wanted to answer but couldn't think up full comics to answer them with, or at least full comics I would want to have done, anyway. They're good questions, but the answers are fairly short without lots of padding.

I suppose it also answers a fourth question in panel one, or at least hints at it, that question being "how do the clothes shrink too?" Amanda is giving off shrink energy intended only to shrink her clothes, and she kept the energy at a certain strength to prevent collateral shrinkage. It needs adjusting, however, as it's not giving off enough of the shrinking energy to achieve the full desired effect.

For those keeping track, Amanda goes from 66% to 56% normal size from start to finish of this comic. The clothes, shrinking at a different rate, go from about 76.2% to 69.2% normal size. MATH!