Comic for Friday, Feb 27, 2009


Posted February 27, 2009 at 1:00 am
Title: A Form Just Short of Minty Freshness


Is it obvious I wanted to very quickly explain certain things in spite of Elliot and Ellen not being in a position to figure it out themselves? Well, if not, that's what's going on here. Subtle, yes?

I do like the idea of all the non-establishing shot narrations (i.e. not "meanwhile", "Tedd's house", etc) in EGS being handled by immortals or other actual characters. There may be storylines in the future with more narration supplied by a character specific to that story because, quite frankly, I love that sort of thing.

This is the first story comic page in a long, long time that was inked off of the computer and scanned. Considering how long it's been, I'm pleased and honestly surprised by the results. It's certainly not perfect, but I was worried it might wind up looking a lot worse than this. The lines got thicker than I expected, but I was overcompensating due to thinking they looked so darn thin on paper. I won't worry so much about that for the next page.