Comic for Monday, Dec 29, 2003


Posted December 29, 2003 at 1:00 am
“Hey Dan, were you a fan of Rogue from the X-Men?”
Rogue? X-Men? What? What are these things you speak of that were not at all influential on these designs? These were designed entirely in a vacuum and is that a Calvin uryuom in panel one? That’s totally a Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes Uryuom. Why did I make him Calvin?
I’m pretty sure the reason for the introduction of Uryuom worker suits was so Grace could shapeshift without clothing being an issue. I’m not sure if it was my mind demanding a reason for these to exist, a desire for an excuse for Ellen and Nanase to wear them, or both that resulted in them being a sort of lightweight armor (probably both).
In any case, these suits are why I was being critical / not-critical of Tedd when he was giving William and Gillian human forms. Logically, he had these and should have let William and Gillian borrow them, but I hadn’t come up with them yet, so how could he have known? It’s one of those things you just sorta have to shrug about and move on (while hoping the story never winds up somewhere in which you need to finally explain it).
Fun fact: That t-shirt in panel four says “Safety First”.