Comic for Wednesday, Dec 24, 2003


Posted December 24, 2003 at 1:00 am
Susan and Jeremy have fused into a single being far more powerful than either would be apart. This being of ultimate power, Sujeresmany, chose not to directly participate in the rescue of Elliot due to the risk of destroying the world should their might be fully unleashed.
I’m a little bit furious with past me for continuously drawing Nanase in the background and with half-lidded eyes during this sequence. Yeah, she’s bummed out about a whole lot of things, but Elliot’s been Elliot-napped! She should be full of adrenaline and ready to NANASE SMASH!
Granted, not a lot is accomplished by being mad at one’s past self. The healthiest thing is to accept one’s past mistakes and move on. Of course, I’m an artist and get to see a visual record of such things, SO I WILL NEVER MOVE ON. EVER.