Comic for Monday, Oct 27, 2003


Posted October 27, 2003 at 1:00 am

Don't worry, Hedge. I'm sure you'll get a dramatic moment that isn't ruined someday.

Some people complained about Sarah attacking Hedge in this manner, saying it was a cheap move. I can understand wanting to perpetuate the idea that it's not cool to kick a dude there, but dude.


Hedge is huge compared to her. Hedge is huge compared to ELLIOT. He's holding long chain like he intends to hurt someone with it, Sarah knows him to be one of Grace's brothers (aka A TRAINED ASSASSIN), and he's the aggressor.

There's no "fair fight" to be had here. If someone attacks you outside of an agreed to match in some sort of ring, screw fighting fair. You fight as dirty as you have to, darn it.

And one can call it a cheap shot if they like, but DUDE. Sarah's a teenage girl of average build and height who just sucker-kicked an enomrous muscular shapeshifting assassin instead of running and leaving Elliot to his fate. Sarah's a badass, your argument is invalid.