Comic for Tuesday, Oct 28, 2003


Posted October 28, 2003 at 1:00 am

- Poor Elliot's wounded pride

Okay, this actually is a dramatic moment that isn't ruined, but I'm about to ruin it anyway by mention that the old Sega Genesis theme to the Sonic The Hedgehog game popped into my head upon seeing this comic again.

And hey, look at the comic title! Past me was right there with me! Chrono-five, past me.

I love Hedge's improvised chain weapon. I initially came up with it because I thought it would be awesome if he took something he used to be restrained with and mastered using it as a weapon. Granted, I'm not sure if he logically would have ever been restrained in that particular fashion, but I did like the idea, darn it.

Now that I've been reminded of Sonic, however... It's possible this was pointed out by someone before and I'd simply forgotten about it, but it just now occurred to me that I gave the hedgehog character a weapon made of rings.