Comic for Monday, Oct 6, 2003


Posted October 6, 2003 at 1:00 am

I'll think of a reason Tedd didn't think of using that solution I mentioned earlier that doesn't make him look worse than he already does in this comic! You'll see! You'll ALL see!


Also? Dammit, Tedd. And don't make that face in panel five.

Panel three includes something I was considering, which was a written version of Uryuomocco. Not a terrible idea, and it may get revived someday if I need the visual for some reason, but I generally don't see much point in including coded alien messages.

Besides, everyone would just accuse me of trying to be Futurama, as they basically did the same thing (with multiple alien codes, no less). I'm pretty sure I wasn't aware of the alien language in Futurama when I did this, however. I only realized there was an alien code in Futurama that could actually be translated once DVD commentaries flat out said that was the case. 

I believe I made the code work like Japanese, so the symbols read up to down, and the words read right to left. I believe the words in Uryuom also match the English at the bottom, making it possible to decipher.