Comic for Tuesday, Oct 7, 2003


Posted October 7, 2003 at 1:00 am

When I first posted this comic, someone was of the opinion that it was too political, and I had no idea what they were talking about. I didn't even realize they were talking about this comic. I assumed they were talking about earlier when I was very blatantly saying "yay separation of church and state" and had to be corrected, and even after that I was confused.

At the time, I was genuinely just thinking "okay, how would that work for Uryuoms? Well, this makes sense to me, and here are a couple of jokes I can make, too!"

In retrospect, WOW do I see what they were talking about. I don't think I could make a more direct statement about gender identity if I were actually trying to do so.

That said, no regrets about this comic.

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