Comic for Tuesday, Jun 10, 2003


Posted June 10, 2003 at 1:00 am

 Wait, did Justin give Nanase a ponytail while driving? I'm going to boldly assume they were parked briefly or something when he did that.

The passenger side mirror that's clearly not built into the... sun guard? Is that what those are called? Whatever. Those dealies you can move around to help deal with the sun. In any case, the mirror that Justin clearly bought separately is inspired by one I bought for my car, and likely for the same reason: The car didn't come with a mirror there on the passenger side, and female friends of mine were frequently disappointed by the lack of one.

I think it cost me less than five dollars and made the women in my car happy. No brainer purchase.

And the teasing of Elliot continues! Or maybe the defiant apathy of Ellen regarding matters she no longer deems important continues?In any case, it's awkward for Elliot, so she's happy.

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