Comic for Thursday, Apr 25, 2002


Posted April 25, 2002 at 1:00 am

A day shall come in the distant future when I will NOT be too lazy to draw background people. Or backgrounds. Or feet. BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY.

I am opposed to all violence in all of its forms forever and with no exceptions known to this universe, but Elliot totally deserved that slap. Not that I approve of actually slapping people! It’s wrong and shouldn’t be done.

She should probably do it again.

Actually, that’s a ridiculously powerful slap. It’s clearly a slap based on her hand, but “pow”? “Slap” is a sound effect unto itself, and I used “pow”? That was quite the slap!

But seriously, don’t slap people unless your name is Gibbs, and even then only upside the head.

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