Comic for Wednesday, Apr 24, 2002


Posted April 24, 2002 at 1:00 am

“Nani” is essentially “what” in Japanese. Heck, maybe not even “essentially”. That might be exactly what it is, but I’ve learned to assume that words in different languages don’t REALLY have 1:1 translations, so I assume it means something alluding to the concept of whatness and the philosophy thereof while not truly meaning “what” in and of itself.

Frankly, Nanase should be mad. Aside from being picked up like that not being cool, I have no idea how he’s holding her up in that outfit without all sort of problems. Not as bad as they could be problems, given that she’s dressed in layers, but still.

Regardless of whatever Greg was thinking, however, it was better thought out than Elliot’s plan.

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