Comic for Sunday, Apr 21, 2002


Posted April 21, 2002 at 1:00 am

WOW Greg is huge in this comic. Like, not just tall, but HUGE. Look at his head!

This is not the last that shall be heard of the Lucky Bunny Bounty Show, a glorious anime ended too soon (possibly due to the design of that spaceship because seriously, what is that?).

I’m not sure what all anime was involved in its inspiration, but I know Cowboy BeBop was one, and Outlaw Star was another. Maybe Trigun? Trigun was probably involved in some way, though I never watched it much.

I do like the general idea of a bounty hunter who’s cursed with bad luck and can only even things out with the help of a magic partner who has influence over luck. It would have to be written very carefully to be good, but what doesn’t?

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