Comic for Monday, Apr 22, 2002


Posted April 22, 2002 at 1:00 am

What the? Elliot said “hyped”? That’s impossible. The word “hype” didn’t exist in 2002. One could not yet become hyped. This comic is a witch.

And hey, the first appearance of the demonic duck of some sort! The whole “someone points someone out as a distraction, and you expect nothing to be there, but then it’s totally there” joke is something I thought was very clever and I was eager to make a joke about it. Then The Simpsons made a very similar joke involving a bear or something, resulting in several people claiming I retroactively took the joke from them. Yay.

Fun fact: No joke is truly random. There is a logic behind them, and that logic means people are gonna come up with similar jokes. It’s just going to happen. There’s no stopping it. It’s like Black Friday sales happening on Thursday.

As for why a demonic duck of some sort, well… I dunno. Ducks are funny, and I used to say “the duck quacks at midnight” as some sort of nonsensical joke code phrase.

Of course, I later learned there are plastic "devil" duckies, so a lot of people have assumed he’s based on DAMMIT, DUCK, YOU’RE A MAGNET FOR THAT SORT OF THING, AREN’T YOU?

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