Requested by CL- Tedd in the form / outfit from panel three of this comic and Grace in a suit

This request got me thinking about Tedd and Grace working together in an office enironment, AND I WAS DETERMINED TO MAKE THAT A REALITY.
Of course, I'm not actually sure what they do at their place of business. I'm not even sure it's an office building. It might just be a room with some blinds and a sign with "serious business" taped to the door.
In general Sketchbookery news, there will be some double-sketchbook posting next week. There'll be sketchbooks flying all over the place, so LOOK OUT! By which I mean pay attention to the commentaries on the main page, as they'll tell you if there's two on any given day (there'll be two days like this).
Note: Requests are paraphrased for clarity and brevity