- Terrible liar Ashley
- "Unexpected phone call"
- Verres's suggested cover plan
- Cover plan with Ashley

Spoiler warning: There isn't going to be a twist later in which Ashley turns out to have been a masterful liar all along. I guess she could learn to be one? That could be a twist, but no retroactive Ashley lying because BLARGH to that.


I considered devoting an entire part of this storyline to Elliot and Ashley planning out their plan, but it's such a simple plan in the middle of an already busy story arc that I decided against it.  Apologies to all the Ashley fans currently wielding pitchforks and torches who wanted to see Elliot and her gradually and awkwardly work out this rather simple plan.

This comic WAS going to be a Wednesday comic (in spite of Friday-esque cliffhangerness), but then flooding happened. More accurately, minor flloding that could have turned into more serious flooding if not for relentless assaulting of water with buckets occurred around 1am Tuesday morning, and I didn't get to bed until around 7am, and then there was more to do during the day to prevent future such problems..

I accomplished a lot that Tuesday, but very, very little of it had anything to do with comics. At the time when this happened, I explained the situation, and I can't think of a single reader who wasn't understanding and patient about the situation.

Thank you all very much. (If you're reading this in the future and weren't around for that delay, I'm just going to assume you would've been cool about it if you'd had been given the opportunity to do so).

- EGS:NP during the day