- Yearning
- Sarah confirms Pandora ("Box") is the one marking people
- Pandora admits to causing the magic buildup
- Pandora vows to help Sarah awaken

Ellen advising caution? Elliot with the crazy plan? HAS THE WORLD GONE TOPSY TURVY?!

No, not really, but Principal Skinner asked that on an old episode of The Simpsons, and I felt obligated to quote him, darn it.

People have discussed the problems with this plan in various public places, but what I find curious is the people who've contacted me directly about the problems with this plan. I mean, thanks for the heads up, but I know the problems with this plan. I know them more than Ellen knows them, and she's already saying there are problems with it.

I do not believe this to be "the perfect plan". I do, however, consider it a logical thing to consider.

It's nice to see Elliot showing some initiative, though. Good for you, Elliot! You scheme your problematic schemes!