- Same "what Elliot said" reference as in the previous comic's commentary, but here for convenience

There's at least one more comic in this scene. Just saying. For reasons.

There was a comic delays due to "writing reasons" last week, and those reasons had to do with keeping this convsersation brief while trying to be clear about what was being said. The ground covered in this comic could easily have taken a week without having any more real clarity or fewer openings for misinterpretation (especially since finer details can get lost anyway when too much is said).

Early on in the comic, I was super nervous about including transformations relating to gender. I was very concerned about people reacting poorly to them (both online and off), and I overcompensated in several bad "yeah, that's weird, huh" ways.

My overcompensation become Tedd's, but it also became Elliot's, with him reacting more poorly to some things than I would have actually liked.

I've grown since then, and so have the characters. I've also lost track of how many messages I've gotten over the years from people whose own views have changed over time.