Comic for Sunday, Mar 17, 2002


Posted March 17, 2002 at 1:00 am

WOW that’s a lot of text. I should probably read it if I’m going to write this commentary, but LOOK at all that! That’s so much text! I’m not reading that. Nope.

Did you read that? No? Good for you! Stand up for your eyeballs. You might be confused about some things going forward, but that’s okay. It’ll be explained again with less eyestrain later anyway. Basically, Grace was raised in a lab along with some other dudes, and they wanted her to be an assassin, but Grace was all like “I don’t like violence” and they were all like “nuts”, but she has siblings who are good at combat, and then there’s this other scary guy, and…


Okay, it’s difficult to “basically”, but seriously, anything really important is gonna be repeated later.

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