Comic for Tuesday, Mar 19, 2002


Posted March 19, 2002 at 1:00 am

Huh. I guess Elliot knows the truth about Area 51 now. If I remember correctly, he makes some mention of it later, but I’m not certain. It’s possible I only planned to reference what he saw and never did… And if so, THAT JOKE’S STILL ON THE TABLE! I guess I’ll find out in the process of making more of these commentaries.

I’m not sure where exactly that “storage closet” is. Does Tedd’s dad just rent out one of those storage places and stuffs a bunch of top secret information into there? If so, he got one of those deluxe storage deals, because look at all that. Yikes.

And Yay! Grace has officially gone from scary squirrel girl to adorable squirrel girl. This change will be forever and she will never ever be scary again.

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