Comic for Saturday, Mar 27, 2004


Posted March 27, 2004 at 1:00 am

I would have chosen very different colors if I were doing this cover art today, but I guess that sort of goes without saying. I feel obligated to point it out anyway, however, as my enormous pride demands it.

I was also about to say that I would change Vlad's pose, but I'm not sure about that. Yeah, it's not terribly dynamic or motivated, but that sorta fits Vlad, really.

"Yeah, I'll fight you. I'm not terribly into it, but I've gotta do what I've gotta do, don't I?"

Ooh, speaking of Vlad, I've been told that snakes don't actually unhinge their jaws, and that there's weird muscle stuff at work instead. I suppose that could be true of Vlad a well, and I assume I could still find an excuse for there to be a snapping noise.

After all, it's an "OH SNAP!" moment when he does that, right? Eh? EH?