Comic for Wednesday, Jul 16, 2003


Posted July 16, 2003 at 1:00 am
1 – Brownie is a tiny kitty. I think she’s technically a kitten, actually. That, or I’ve gotten used to enormous cats. I know a couple of relatively humongous house felines, and it’s possible my perspective is skewed.
2 – I find it difficult to believe that Elliot would run into a tree, but this is running on comedic logic. It’s possible him running into a tree is the only logical thing that could happen.
3 – I need to show more of the Dunkel’s basement someday. We know they have a boxing bag down there, and I’m betting there’s other fancy exercise equipment, too.
4 – This is what’s known as hyperbole. See above for comedic logic. That said, Grace missed out on a lot of childhood activities. I can see her wanting to try having a tea party to see what the fuss is about.
5 – It’s possible what Nanase’s referring to was actually going to be the case before I decided it would be too significant of a tone shift.
6 – I would occasionally sit on counters when I was younger. NOT ANYMORE. Now I’d react like Susan does.