Comic for Friday, Jul 11, 2003


Posted July 11, 2003 at 1:00 am
I love hands-free phone gear. It doesn’t necessarily have to be snazzy. I just don’t want to be stuck holding a phone up to my face if I’m going to be talking any longer than a couple of minutes.
I didn’t have Ellen order buffalo wings? Madness and villainy. It’s possible I went with chicken fingers because they’d be less messy, but really, this is ME writing this, and that’s Ellen and/or Elliot right there. BUFFALO WINGS SHOULD BE PRESENT.
I don’t usually eat pizza (I don’t dislike it, but dude, pizza places sell wings), and I’m not sure how small a small pizza is and if that’s really a lot for Nanase or Justin to be eating on their own. Based on the ordering habits of people I know and them being teenagers, I’m assuming them eating whole small pizzas is probably fine. Nanase could probably eat more in any case. She burns off a lot of calories just by being herself, and she eats a lot more than one might think.