Comic for Monday, Apr 21, 2003


Posted April 21, 2003 at 1:00 am

 Oh. Uh, apparently Flipping Carboard wasn't the last time I used Jesus as an exclamation.

Well, there's a reason I tend to say "I think" before making numerous declarations, such as I THINK this is the first mention of the alien language. It's a basic letter replacement code with certain letters being replaced by two letters instead of one in order to keep words pronounceable.

It's something I haven't made use of in a long time, mostly because a) I lost the key for it (I could remake it with a bit of effort, but still), and b) there's generally no benefit to using it. Either it's something I want people to understand, in which case I should just show people what's being said, or it's something I DON'T want people to understand, and I shouldn't give people a way to decipher it. Either way, it makes more sense to simply not use the alien language code in the comics.

That said, it was sorta nifty and fun to come up with, and it's how I came up with names for several things later on.

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