Comic for Wednesday, Apr 2, 2003


Posted April 2, 2003 at 1:00 am

 Oh! I had completely forgotten about this.

Well, okay then. This is my squirrel avatar, AKA a representation of myself because I have no inclination to draw myself as I truly am and wanted a way to represent myself in the comic. My avatar first showed up in the sketchbook section and was female for "reasons". At the time, I claimed it was due to the Sister story arc, and I made the avatar male once that arc was over.

The avatar was intended to be an amalgamation of all seven of the main characters, and the color scheme for the avatar was based on numerically averaging the RGB values of the colors of all seven of the main characters.

Long time fans (and possibly even new ones) may find it odd that I'm saying seven instead of eight, as there are eight characters I refer to as being "main" characters. When I first designed my avatar, however, I didn't consider Susan a main character, so she was not included in any part of the amalgamation.

Not that that matters much. Once my avatar became male, he basically just looked like squirrel-Elliot, and the palettes have evolved to the point where the Avatar's palette would change were I to redo his palette using the same method again.

As for Minion, I THINK this is his first appearance? If not, it was in a sketchbook. In any case, I really like saying "Minion", and I wanted someone for my representation to talk to, so there he is, and... Hm.

You know, it just occurred to me that his name probably isn't actually "Minion". Huh. I should probably ask him about that.

And yes, I have an "instant cheerleader" button, because of course I do.

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