Comic for Friday, Jan 10, 2003


Posted January 10, 2003 at 1:00 am

 HOW ARE YOU STILL NOT THAT PHANTOM COMIC I WAS oh wait the second half of you totally is never mind.

In retrospect (as is often the case), it's a bit odd that Ellen and Nanase would have this exact moment. Elliot was probably aware of Nanase hiding her outfit choices from her parents on account of them dating, and Nanase wasn't spending enough time with Tedd to associate Ellen's clothing as being Tedd's most common style. Of course, that's all in retrospect, so this is totally nitpicking, and it's still a cute moment.

I guess I was fully aware that the delay between this moment and the screenshot comic was a bit odd, and honestly? It was all worth it for the moral of the battle of Trenton. Rock on, Mr. Verres, you ultimately good-natured but sort of monster, you.

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