Comic for Wednesday, Mar 22, 2017


Posted March 22, 2017 at 1:42 am

- Manufactured Cheerleadra sighting

The only way past Elliot is to give him food.

(if you recognized the obscure Zelda reference just now, you owe yourself a victory cookie)

You don't think you were being silly NOW, do you Elliot? Yeah, I bet you feel silly about feeling silly about feelings... Um... Sorry, that's a lot of silly to sort through, and now I'm lost track of what I was on about.

In regard to panel two, I like the idea of Elliot sometimes just taking off his shirt before transforming before bed and then putting it back on as oversized shirt pajamas.

AND FOR THE RECORD, that's a clean shirt in the last four panels! I was going to say "he just has a closet full of those", but the part of the sleeves by the wrist are looser than in the past few comics, so it's definitely a different shirt anyway.

All the same, he has a closet full of shirts like that.