Comic for Tuesday, Feb 12, 2002


Posted February 12, 2002 at 1:00 am

Wait, something very similar to this happened to me? I don’t remember something very similar to this happening to me. Was I Elliot or Sarah in that situation? I mean, probably Sarah, but I don’t remember calling some girl a “goon”. Maybe that’s the difference. I did not call a girl a goon.

I’m hoping that movie title is Tedd joking and Elliot not realizing it. I mean, it’s possible I made a world where a movie with that title exists and has a theatrical release, but I’m hoping I didn’t. I probably did, though.

To be fair, though, it could be very tastefully done. The could be women who happen to be from mars who are bionic and lesbians. They could have all sorts of exciting adventures in space, and maybe one of them is a raccoon. One shouldn’t just assume it’s an exploitative movie written exclusively by heterosexual men, right?

Right. 100% right and correct. It is a movie with a heartwarming story and performances and deserves an Oscar. Shame on you, Sarah. You and your assumptions.

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