Comic for Friday, Nov 20, 2015


Posted November 20, 2015 at 8:01 pm

- Helping!
- In all fairness, they totally saw this question coming

I enjoy that, in modern fiction, it's standard practice to point out that vampires aren't really like how they're portrayed in other fiction. This story has the REAL deal, not like all those other stories and their FAKE vampires.

Nanase is the only main character in EGS who would specify "books" over "movies". I've always thought of Nanase as someone who likes to read, but it recently occurred to me that one reason she might have favored books while growing up was that she could read whatever she wanted without anyone in her house potentially overhearing it as they might a movie or TV show. Given how secretive Nanase used to be, that alone would have great appeal to her.

Granted, she doesn't need that reason. People can just like reading books. Nonetheless, I think that would have been a factor in Nanase liking books.