Comic for Saturday, Feb 9, 2002


Posted February 9, 2002 at 1:00 am

“I’m fine, Tedd. I just gotta get my totally cool angry anime face on. It’s not quite working right, but it’ll have to do.”

You’d totally have to be psychic to see this coming, because kinda sorta seriously out of left field, here. I suppose there’s no arguing that it’s surprising, at least (though I did establish that Elliot had sweet fork throwing skills, so maybe someone totally extrapolated from that that this was inevitable.

So Elliot’s a fighter! And kinda scary? I’m pretty sure I hadn’t quite decided what all Elliot could do yet at this point, but apparently “yelling” and “running” were part of his mighty repertoire. Also cool lighting effects that are artistic license but count as an ability nonetheless.

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