Comic for Monday, Jun 24, 2002


Posted June 24, 2002 at 1:00 am

Still bitter about Earth Science. Bitter enough to devote an entire comic and its one panel to it.

In all seriousness, I once imagined Matt and Rat as sort of rivals to Elliot and Tedd. I'm pretty sure I planned on Rat (the one being held back in this comic) being revealed as a martial artist at some point. It was... It was NOT well planned. In fact, I don't think they come back after this comic.

I hope I'm right about that. If they do, well... I'm out of insight. It will be back to denying they're there again.

Side note: I'm betting Earth Science can actually be a super fun subject. I mean, it's the Earth! Plus SCIENCE! How do you mess that up?!

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