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Posted November 28, 2011 at 1:00 am
- When last we saw "aged" Raven

Grace has a knack for these sort of revelations, doesn't she?

Let's Talk About Education *Applause*

Looking back from a non-student perspective, weekly quizzes to test comprehension (depending on the subject) make a certain amount of sense to me. My reasoning is that the objective would be to keep tabs on a student's current comprehension of the material thus far, and get a general idea how well the class as a whole is doing.

Of course, as a student, I would groan at such a thing and protest to all who would listen. I understand the importance of quizzes, but I don't test well. I would do well on projects and was able to participate in class discussions in a way that showed my comprehension, but once you put a multiple choice test in front of me, I would often draw a blank, over-think the questions and not do all that well.

This is one thing I really really liked about taking graphic design classes. At that point, I was only taking classes connected to graphic design certificates, and almost everything was projects and class discussions. It. Was. AWESOME. Best time I ever had in school.