Comic for Tuesday, Jul 26, 2011


Posted July 26, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Magical hair manipulation fairies
- Mr Verres chart example
- The Dunkels chart example

This question is very common. So common, in fact, that I received at least three separate e-mails about it! I assume that for every question I get e-mail about, 1,000 people have the same question, so if you really think about it, it's like 10 million people asked this question!

In the end, however, I consider answering this question similar to answering where Elliot's keys went. I could certainly come up with an explanation and make it official canon, but would that really be better than leaving it ambiguous?

...It would? ... I'm still leaving it ambiguous.

In all honesty, I mostly decided to "answer" this question when it occurred to me that it was an opportunity to draw a comic with bad eighties hair, because bad eighties hair is totally rad. I don't think their hair is quite eighties enough, however. Their hair became awesome and possibly tubular, sure, but is it cowabunga-tubular? No. No it's not.

It's entirely possibly that the remainder of this Q&A will be devoted to mastering the art of 80s fashion.

EDIT: CRAP! Forgot to mention Burn Notice! ...So, yeah. That's a Burn Notice reference in panel two. And it's something I wonder about.

Speaking of hair, what is up with Jeffrey Donovan's hair this season? Seriously. I can't concentrate on the intrigue and espionage because I keep looking at his hair. It's just... no. Hair fail. One of his cover stories needs to call for a hair cut as soon as possible.