Comic for Tuesday, Nov 3, 2009


Posted November 3, 2009 at 1:00 am

The commentary for the previous comic was left blank in part because I wanted to add to the suspense, but also because I didn't trust myself to not hint at this moment. As you might recall, "Fox" claimed to have contacted Nanase's uncle, Mr. Verres. It appears he opted to be proactive.

The previous two comics had comedy in them. This comedy was there because it is appropriate for EGS, and also so this current series of events would hit harder. I saw comments about the second panel of the previous comic not being dramatic enough, and it took a great deal of willpower to not shout from the rooftops that it wasn't supposed to be.

One potential bit of minor comedy that I left out of this comic was Ellen literally dragging Cranium behind her, the FBI agent unable to keep Ellen from getting closer to Nanase. I like the idea and it actually would've been appropriate, but visually conveying that was problematic. In addition, it seemed like it might betray the feeling of the reveal of Verres, so I opted not to include it.