Comic for Wednesday, Jun 5, 2002


Posted June 5, 2002 at 1:00 am

  It's very important to know exactly when school ends.

The "insert _____ door bell sound here" is something I don't really do anymore. It's somewhat amusing, but it's also sort of distracting in it's "this is not really a sound effect"-atude. Granted, that's part of what makes it amusing, but there are pros and cons and decided the cons outwayed the pros in regard to this extremely important detail.
And wow. I was apparently so distracted by those characters who shall not be acknowledged that I neglected to comment on the fact that Elliot was apparently ditching school with parental approval to sort out his feelings. That's probably not a thing most parents would let their kids do, but in retrospect? Totally fitting for Elliot's parents.
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