Comic for Monday, Apr 15, 2002


Posted April 15, 2002 at 1:00 am

What, you can’t do cool martial arts moves like this? I can! By which I mean I can’t, but I like to say I can.

You know, Greg was pretty clear about no magic, but here Nanase is gliding around like some sorta floating person. I guess that just counts as martial arts, which explains all the floating people at my old dojo who laughed at me for not floating.

…That’s all I’ve got. A lie about people floating, but hey, it’s an action sequence! It’s basically one panel of content in five panels. This is a HUGE amount of commentary for just one panel! Half a panel, if I’m being generous. More like a quarter. Really, this is a superb amount of commentary for one fifty-sixth of a panel.

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