Comic for Saturday, Mar 16, 2002


Posted March 16, 2002 at 1:00 am

It’s drama time. You can tell, because Tedd said words with a big font, and then a hedgehog with attitude showed up, and… Oh, wait. That’s Tedd’s dad. I just apparently drew his hair like a hedgehog back in the day. That probably comes in handy for him. In ways. That we can’t possibly under okay it’s probably not useful for him at all.

As for what Tedd did to Sarah, that “incident” will be elaborated on later, but I WILL say it was an accident. That’s not a fancy retcon, either. The incident was a reimagining of comics I drew in high school with Tedd and Sarah, and even then, it was accidental. I might’ve let the big kids on prime time television convince me that making Tedd act like a jerk was a good idea, but there were limits, darn it.

Well, limits to his actions, anyway. I expect he’d say just about anything at this point.

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