Comic for Wednesday, Feb 27, 2002


Posted February 27, 2002 at 1:00 am

This isn’t so much a hammerable offense at it is just not very polite. The proper response is probably just to spray Elliot with some water as you would a cat scratching furniture.

Speaking of cats… JEREMY! MEREOW! Jeremy is a cat with hedgehog spines on his back and is named after an anthropomorphic cat cartoon character I made up at one point when I was younger. That other Jeremy had more spikes than spines and was sorta really weird looking, unlike the modern Jeremy with his charming hedgehog spines.

Fun fact: One can pet Jeremy without prickly discomfort IF they pet him in the right direction. If one were to pet him in the wrong direction, however?! It would feel slightly weird, but probably not hurt. At least, that’s been my brief experience with hedgehogs, and I assume it would also apply to Jeremy. Also, because it’s my comic and I said so, so there. Nyeh.

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