Comic for Thursday, Mar 30, 2023


Posted March 30, 2023 at 12:52 am

Schedule stuff: I've decided the next EGSNP is going to be Tuesday, April 11th.

I want to sort some things out about the conclusion of the current storyline, and if I keep going right now, it will effectively be haphazard filler. I think the end result will be best if I take a short break from it.

My apologies for this delay.


There have been plenty of times when I've felt sure of someone's name, but still felt the need to double check before saying it.

There are also plenty of characters in fiction whose names I simply do not remember. I remember their appearance, I remember the things they do, but ask me their name? Unless their names get said a lot, odds are, I'm going to draw a massive blank.

As for Maribel the Chicken, I haven't been forgetting "Maribel," but I have been double-checking to make sure I actually did choose that name a lot, and I have thought both "Mabel" and "Maple" in reference to the chicken.