Comic for Tuesday, Mar 28, 2023


Posted March 28, 2023 at 12:40 am

Before we get to the rest of the commentary, no, a character using a "rogue" class doesn't have to behave a certain way in any games I'm aware of. It's just a set of skills that they could have for various reasons.

I would have just had that as a note at the end of the commentary, but I know for a fact that, for some of you, my not addressing that immediately would have been like making your brains wear itchy sweaters.

Professional Ethics Regarding One's Weird Hobby

"Okay! I'm gonna write a comic about Nanase wanting to go beat up imaginary people!"


"Nanase is breaking from her in-game character to make a point about real world ethics? How did I even get here?"

How I even got there was Nanase effectively being an unlicensed freelance detective as a hobby, and me suddenly deciding she would have a professional opinion about taking random things from suspected chicken-nappers.

With infinite panel space and time, I would have liked to have had a nervous-looking Elf Larry in the background of the third panel with the loot from their earlier natural twenty.