Comic for Thursday, Jan 19, 2023


Posted January 19, 2023 at 12:00 am

- Rich's old group

I originally wrote "rules lawyering" instead of demanding, which I don't think really represented Rich's old group well. 

For one thing, I couldn't really count on most readers knowing what was meant by that.

For another, what is meant by "rules lawyer" can REALLY vary depending on context, and who's saying it. I've heard interpretations ranging from "person who wishes to accurately follow the rules", to "person who insists on the rules, or ignores them, depending on which would benefit them more".

In the case of Rich's group, while they probably did do the latter, that was not demonstrated.

What was demonstrated was them insisting that Rich know all the rules right away, blaming Rich when they ignored ALL of his story hooks, and making fun of Rich for acting out women characters.

"Demanding" really seems the right way to put it.