Comic for Tuesday, Nov 22, 2022


Posted November 22, 2022 at 12:00 am

For the record, yes, she totally would have made it down the stairs without any problems if she hadn't suggested rolling for it as a joke.


This week is Thanksgiving week in the US, and I will be taking Friday and Saturday off from posting anything.

Given that Thanksgiving is Thursday, one might wonder why I don't take Thursday off from EGSNP, and toss something up on Saturday.

The answer is simple: I didn't want to wait that long to share what happens next.

Critical Fail

I don't know how many games do this, but there exists the concept of rolling a natural 20 on a twenty-sided die (the die result is literally 20 without any modifiers), and a natural 1 (same deal, but with 1).

Depending on the game, house rules, etc, rolling a natural 20 might make something exceptionally successful happen, while rolling a 1 might result in exceptional failure.

For the purpose of writing a fun story, our heroes are playing a game in which rolling a 1 on a d20 (twenty-sided dice) results in exceptional failure, and Ellen is going along with that rule.

As common as this idea is, not every group likes to use it, while others might like it enough to house rule it into games in which it's nowhere in the rulebook ("house rules" being rules people within a group agree on that differ from the rules in the rulebooks).

I personally think it's a fun concept, but I imagine it depends on the tone of the game and group. It's a chance to make moments of extreme nonsense happen, but that might not fit the mood of the game.