Comic for Tuesday, Mar 16, 2021


Posted March 16, 2021 at 2:29 am

Once again, I'm blowing up lemons.

In the previous comic, I thought it would be adorbs to have a bit of fun with hairstyles in the middle panel. This was, in part, a result of Ashley needing a different from normal style due to her wizard's hat. Nanase missed out on this, in part because she was so far off to the side, but Sarah went without a hairband, and Diane got pigtails.

And then several readers didn't recognize Diane.

And some readers had assumed Diane had actually been Susan.

After a bit of grumpiness, it occurred to me that, in their confusion about Diane, several people had asked questions, and this is a Q&A.

I hadn't failed to make clear that it was Diane in that panel. What I'd done was created an opportunity for myself.

As for the genie, I wanted to draw a buff pretty genie dude, and who can blame me?

No one, that's who. Though, I confess, I might have spent too much time experimenting with how to draw his face, and settling on exactly how enormous his shoulders should be.

When it comes to the face, I really want to experiment with varying faces more, which, under the circumstances, is fitting. But that's neither here nor there, because if I'm being completely honest, I mostly just didn't like the initial results I got with bigger eyes. It didn't feel like what I was going for. What I wound up with was sort of an accident I decided I liked enough to go with, and there could be more characters in the future with similarly sized eyes.