Comic for Saturday, Feb 13, 2021


Posted February 13, 2021 at 5:02 am

Full disclosure, this is a question I made up myself in order to illustrate a category of questions that normally wouldn’t be great for a Q&A:

Questions we definitely already know the answers to.

Seriously, if I really wanted to, I could take questions from past actual Q&As and just have this group get them wrong.

I came up with an answer to this question that I thought could be a mix of intentionally getting the answer wrong, and wishful thinking on Larry's part. Larry would definitely be happy with Tedd wanting to transform and act like this.

What I realized while planning this, however, was that while Larry would really like to be one of the "nice nerdy dork guys" in this scenario, I would very much want to be Tedd.

Which might not sound shocking given how my avatar looked at the start of this storyline, but that's not actually something I would have called given the specific scenario. I'm struggling to articulate exactly what I mean right now and the nuance that makes this new information to me, but, um... Yeah.

I'd rather be Tedd in that fourth panel than that guy in the chair, and I'd much rather write such scenarios from Tedd's perspective.

Introspection is an adventure.

ANYWAY, I didn't want Larry's answer to imply he hadn't grown or learned anything, which is one reason why "genuinely" is in the first panel, and Larry isn't in the last two panels. While Larry would definitely want to be a recipient of attention if Tedd acted this way, I was more comfortable having characters other than the person answering the question in those panels.

I don't think it would necessarily have been wrong for Larry to be shown in what is effectively Larry's fantasy, but it's just one of those subjective things where I felt more comfortable doing it this way. I feel it gives off a relatively better vibe.