Comic for Thursday, Jun 24, 2021


Posted June 24, 2021 at 2:40 am

I didn't intend to reference an ability from My Hero Academia, so to get ahead of an expected question, no. That wasn't intentional.

I did realize it by the time I finished writing the commentary that follows, however.

And now, another edition of "Dan talks about Skyrim again".

BACK IN YE OLDE SKYRIM TIMES, you could become a werewolf. Many people did not like becoming a werewolf, because it stuck you in third person camera mode, and didn't offer much (if any) benefit over rad magic equipment.

I quite enjoy being a werewolf in Skyrim, however, and part of that is a gameplay mechanic I should hate.

You are a werewolf for a limited amount of time. If you wish to stay werewolfish, or recover health while a werewolf, you need to eat the hearts of your defeated enemies.


Gross as that might be, however, as a gameplay mechanic, it's all sorts of fun. It's not even as disturbing as it sounds, as the graphics are such that you could change the devour prompt to "do a little dance" and there'd be little proof of inaccuracy. What's more, the DLC added the ability to level up your werewolfishness just by doing werewolf stuff.

From a gameplay perspective, it means you are incentivized to act fast, defeat enemies, and heal up regularly.

And being Skyrim, of COURSE you can exit out of the devour animation before you're supposed to.

Anyway, I bring it up because, sometimes, it's the concepts you don't like the sound of (and would hate with better graphics) that make for fun gameplay.