Comic for Saturday, Jun 5, 2021


Posted June 5, 2021 at 2:21 am

- Previous wabbit lady


(Ahem) Excuse me. Just thinking back on when I tried discussing potential spells to add in to Skyrim, and people responding with "why would you want those things? There are already more straightforward ways to get those gameplay benefits."

To which I tried to make reasoned tactical arguments, but what I SHOULD have done was cried out "BECAUSE IT'S FUN, FOOL!" And then shattered a mug on the ground for emphasis.

As for Final Fantasy, it's possible I would cast such spells on my own party for fun.

And in case anyone's wondering about my opinion on the Final Fantasy 7 remake redesigns, I think they did good given the more realistic style they went for, BUT I would much more prefer stylized designs in such a silly fantasy game. Given the directing FF games have been going in the past decade, however, it's no surprise they didn't do that. There's a visual direction they have chosen, they seem to be sticking with it, and I'm GUESSING it's been working out for them.

I would still prefer more cartoonish nonsense.