Comic for Monday, Aug 26, 2019


Posted August 26, 2019 at 10:30 pm

I wanted this question answered, but I wanted a twist without creating yet another shipping scenario.

Enter Ellen being a troll to save the day! And rudely tickle Elliot. Because she is a troll.

Not, like, an evil troll. There are... Well, "good" might be a stretch, but there are trolls who don't intend harm, at least. Neutral trolls? I dunno. She's a whatever it should be called troll.

As for the eternal question of how canon this all is, my answer has to be "for the time being, it's possible". The reason it has to be that is that this would be a future event, and I can't be 100% certain whether this exact scenario will fit. It's a "we can't really know until the main timeline catches up" sort of thing.

I will say, however, that there's every reason this could be canon, and if for some logical reason it can't be, I plot to re-establish the feelings shown in this storyline.

Speaking of things I'm not sure of, I'm not sure if this storyline is done or not? I might leave it on tickle science. Still deciding.