Comic for Friday, Jul 12, 2019


Posted July 12, 2019 at 12:00 am

Look, I was very up front about this. I called the storyline "Pizza" and everything. What did you think it was about? Honestly.

More seriously, a story can make a point about things without it being a 1:1 metaphor. Unless you're writing an essay in which the teacher has specifically stated you have to, or you're making a video that needs a thumbnail with a super clickbaiting question, you don't need to narrow it down like that for the story to have value.

Of course, if you're writing a story like that, and it gets enough attention, someone will absolutely make that video and that thumbnail, so someone's going to think there is some 1:1 metaphor, so... I dunno. Maybe have something you can claim it "really" is when people start bugging you about it.

(Pizza is taken. Claim it is something else.)

Also, my avatar is eating a bagel. Not the same bagel as before, this is a different bagel, but what's important here is that it is NOT a doughnut.

What do you mean I eat bagels wrong don't you judge me