Comic for Thursday, Dec 31, 2020


Posted December 31, 2020 at 2:08 am

- She was in trouuuuble...

I liked the idea of Susan hiding her TRUE POWER LEVEL!

But I DIDN'T like the idea of aggressive-Grace retroactively not having been a threat.

Grace should always be too powerful to be taken lightly, darn it.

Anyway, speaking of things that are a bit much, I've gone back and forth on whether I like "Jack's" expression in panel one. Ultimately, the part of me that wanted to go big and have a parallel with Ragnar won the argument, but the debate nonetheless rages.

Meanwhile, Rhoda is happy about Susan's form because of what it represents. This particular form isn't actually something Rhoda would be attracted to if for no other reason than Susan is SO much bigger than her right now. Rhoda's okay with someone being a bit taller than her, she's used to that, but she's definitely not going to swoon over super-mega-ultra Susan, here.

I mean, not for THAT reason. She could have a "my hero" moment, obviously, like we all would if rescued and held in big strong arms.

But mostly, she'd have thoughts about shrinking Susan, as she will occasionally have whenever she meets someone more than half a foot (about 15cm) taller than her. This was the case before she got her magic in canon, too, which may or may not explain a few things about her magic.