Comic for Tuesday, Dec 29, 2020


Posted December 29, 2020 at 1:14 am

- The island!

I hadn't really planned on actually showing maxed out Susan, but then I thought of all the readers who would be sad if I never did.

Poor, sad, and disappointed readers.

Readers with pitchforks.

Also, the outfit changed because ye GODS would the Susan McDuck outfit be too busy on top of that build with absurdly long hair and a hammer.

Anyway, the island

I considered covering the DLC Island in some sort of sequence, but it primarily would have consisted of Susan getting frustrated with hitting floating orbs with either magic, ranged, or melee on color-based cues, aka the worst recurring "puzzle" to have ever been included as premium content.

That I'm aware of. There are a lot of games out there.

Cut Scene Interruptions

In Fallout 3 and New Vegas, if you enter into a conversation with someone, all other time freezes. Fires stop mid-burn. Other NPCs stare outward with even more emotionless eyes that normal. Giant moles rats freeze mid-air, presumably having been skyrocketed by something that's definitely your fault.

As eerie and potentially immersion-bludgeoning as the effect was, it can be defended. The time freeze prevented any and all nonsense from interrupting your conversation.

Then Fallout 4 came around, decided freezing time while talking was for baby cowards, and now someone can be calmly talking to you while a giant mutated death-iguana rampages in the background prior to said iguana interrupting your conversation by lizard-slapping the NPC you're talking to off a cliff.

This is inconvenient, but the NPC is probably fine if they're a quest giver, as they'll most likely be protected from being taken out by mutated death-iguanas and such. They will have to re-deliver any and all dialogue if they were interrupted mid-quest giving, however, and will deliver it as though nothing at all happened regardless of your visible injuries, the burning carnage around them, and their own broken limbs.

Yay immersion, woo...

Or, in other words, it's a video games, compromises have to be made, and sometimes defying all known laws of time and space just to have an uninterrupted conversation is the least of the available evils.

Granted, videos of interrupting mutant death-iguanas are fantastic, so maybe stopping time isn't the least of the available evils.

My point is that x-factors can mess up cutscenes and keep them from proceeding as they should if the cutscenes are interactive.

Which they weren't in the games I'm primarily poking fun at, so none of this is really applicable to the current situation.

Maybe I just wanted to talk about mutated death-iguanas interrupting people.

Anyway, it one hundred percent makes sense that Tensaided's presence prevented the cutscene from controlling Susan.