Comic for Thursday, Jun 11, 2020


Posted June 11, 2020 at 7:12 pm

I wanted to give Susan sort of partially closed eyes look while looking up at not-Arthur, but maybe she just looks sleepy?

Let's all cut me some slack and just agree on the headcanon that she needs a nap or something after this conversation, okay? Good. Glad that's settled.

On Second Thought, Let's Not Go To The Coliseum. It Is A Silly Place

I definitely didn't want to have them actually do the coliseum approach. My commentary on that was summed up in the previous strip. It's done. I feel continuing with it would be going through the motions, and though it could still be done as a parody, I don't think there's much there that I actually want to work with. 

Susan actually making tactical sneaky use of the shrink potions and slow time abilities to do a prison break, however? Gimme. I want to do that.