Comic for Tuesday, Jun 9, 2020


Posted June 9, 2020 at 7:33 pm

Something I find rather strange about Fable 2 is that this is basically something you have to do.

Your identity as a "Hero" (some sort of empowered person of destiny) is very important, and a threat to the main villain. In that game, there's basically you, the jack of all trades hero, and three other, more specialized heroes. There's basically two people anywhere in the kingdom who should be capable of using magic, and as far as the main villain's concerned, one of them, the player, should be long dead.

Short of just never using magic, I've no idea how the protagonist is able to keep being a prophesied Hero secret while also achieving the fame necessary to do the thing to infiltrate their operation.

Granted, it's possible there's logic that I missed, and there's an explanation that ties everything together neatly into a little bow. I don't think there is, but hey, I can miss a thing or two.