Comic for Saturday, Apr 18, 2020


Posted April 18, 2020 at 12:50 am

- Tensaided earlier

The Simpsons? 22 Short Films About Springfield? Never heard of those hams.

Now, obvious references that are obvious if one is familiar with the inspiration aside...


I wasn't planning this when I made Susan max level in everything. At the time, it was hyperbole for the sake of comedy that nonetheless commented on how easy it was to become overpowered in the game. It wasn't perfectly reflective of what was literally likely while playing Fable 2, but I still felt it was fair commentary on how the game balance felt if partaking of potions.

When I decided I didn't want Susan to keep being THAT overpowered, I saw that hyperbole as my opening to provide a logic to the de-powering beyond "a wizard did it" (oh hey, another Simpsons reference, woo-hoo).

That said, fans of fab abs, note that "Dea Elsea" Tensaided has said things are still easy, and Susan will be able to get some power back. Part of the reason she wound up in this form was that, if I only undid the XP gained from potions, there'd have been no visual indication that anything had happened. Her reduction in strength would have to have been entirely told via narration, or additional time spent showing her inability to do things. 

Either way, I figured "eh, we can see Susan in her starting form for a bit."